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Our approach

Design for a sustainable future.

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Working together to realise your project.

Sustainability is the bedrock of our design, construction, and development ethos.

We design thermally comfortable homes for individuals, self-build projects, boutique developers, and landowners. Adopting low-energy and Passive House design principles enables us to deliver your energy-efficient, high-quality, healthy contemporary house project fit for the future.

At Tailored Architecture we specialise in contemporary architectural design on complex and sensitive sites and the re-imagining of existing buildings including redundant infrastructure for residential use. We tailor our design and technical experience, carefully choosing the material palette, and construction methods. Crafting your project to your requirements and site context.

As an experienced Architect and certified Passive House designer, we guide you through the design process from the initial meeting to the realisation of your project. Using our design experience and practical knowledge we add value to your project, collaborating with you to discover, create, and enjoy a home or realise land potential that reflects your aspirations and sustainability goals. In addition, we manage a fully tailored design team ranging from Structural Engineers and Landscape Architects to Ecologists to realise the potential of your site, fulfil regulatory requirements, and your aspirations.

As a RIBA Chartered energy-efficient Architect and certified Passive House Designer, Rob Bracey is committed to delivering your project with design excellence, creativity, and thoughtful management. The RIBAs tried and tested Plan of Works is embedded within our design process, providing clarity and assurance of our working practices.

Below is our alternative guide to the RIBA Plan of Works. We offer full architectural services from conception to completion, RIBA Stage Zero to Seven. These stages are tailored to your requirements and the specific project needs. 

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Getting Started.

RIBA Stage Zero & One – Strategic Definition, Preparation & Briefing

At the outset, we meet you on-site or via Google Meet to discuss your project aims, aspirations, and sustainable goals. We will then write to you outlining your brief and the services we can provide along with our professional fees.

Once we decide to work together, we will undertake a site investigation and information-gathering exercise, including a measured building survey, and review the relevant planning policy and health and safety aspects. During this stage, we refine the key requirements, timescale, budgets, and sustainability strategy building the foundations of the project approach.

Taking shape.

RIBA Stage Two – Concept Design

Using the gathered information, your accommodation brief, and our experience in sustainable design, we produce a sketch design proposal responding directly to the site and wider context, and planning opportunities. We evolve the design using Passive House principles through considered site analysis, sketch drawings, and consultation meetings to arrive at a coherent sustainable energy-efficient proposal.

Depending on the context of your site and the planning complexity we may consult with the Local Authority Planning Department at this early stage. This will take the form of a Pre-application Advice Request and enable us to obtain a direct steer from a planning officer. We can also develop an alternative route with the Planning Department if required.

At this stage, we fully encourage working with a Quantity Surveyor to formulate a project cost plan. They will use the initial sketch design and outline specification to produce a benchmark cost. This will inform your decision-making before progressing to the design development and planning stage.

Developing shape & obtaining planning permissions.

RIBA Stage Three – Spatial Coordination

Following your approval of the sketch design, and any design changes arising from a Pre-application Advice request, we develop the design with you to realise the project’s potential. Using design tools to calculate projected energy-efficiency and embodied carbon expenditure we refine the proposal.

We produce the design package and architectural documentation to enable a relevant planning application submission. We also liaise with specialist consultants to produce supplementary design information and reports.

Following the submission of a planning application we monitor its progress through to determination. We will also negotiate with the Planning Officer and subsequent specialist officers if required to obtain consent.

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Refining the detail.

RIBA Stage Four – Technical Design

Following planning consent, we work with you to develop the construction information, finer architectural details, and choose the surface finishes of the proposals. Consisting of large-scale technical drawings, specifications, and schedules enabling the specific detail to be clearly described to a contractor.

We also collaborate with other consultants and suppliers to develop their construction information. Enabling a submission to Building Control to obtain full plan approval.

The amount of detail within the technical design information can be tailored to your requirements. Our services are flexible, we can provide you the minimum required to obtain Building Control approval or a full construction package depending on your choice of delivery options.

Finding the right contractor.

RIBA Stage Four – Tender Process

This is the point in the project where we decide who will construct the building. We can either manage on your behalf a competitive tender process or directly negotiate with a contractor of your choice. We can also provide advice if you choose to manage this process yourself.

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Getting it built.

RIBA Stage Five – Manufacturing and Construction

While the contractor builds out your project, we offer bespoke services to work with you and support the construction phase. We can provide full Contract Administration or as-an-when-required advice remotely or on-site.

Generally within our full-service package we will work collaboratively to respond to on-site queries, and visit the site to monitor progress and construction quality. During the construction, there are a significant amount of decisions to be made ranging from technical aspects to the choice of material finishes. With our experience, we can assist you with these decisions to realise our carefully crafted design.

Once construction is completed we sign off the building ensuring regulatory approvals have been obtained. We also provide you with operational documentation to ensure the performance of the building while in use.


RIBA Stage Six & Seven – Handover and Use

All buildings require a period of fine-tuning. To manage this process we undertake a rectification period during your first year of occupation and collaborate with the contractor to rectify any defects which arise.

Considering the complexity of buildings and sustainable design we also periodically follow up with you to review the performance of your home. This aids in our continued development of sustainable housing.